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Logitech - I want my day back

Yesterday sucked from a productivity perspective. I'm deep into the development on Tickets 2.0 and spending a lot of time generating new versions of my Core Data based data model. This is a (normally) straight-forward exercise in Xcode - Design>Data Model>Add Model Version. The rub here is that this works fine on my Mac Book Pro, but failed without error on my Mac Pro. Yesterday, I'd had enough with git commit && git push -> switch to MBPro, make data model changes -> git commit && git push -> back to Mac Pro -

I spent several hours trying to isolate the differences between the two setups

  • same project, different rev of Xcode. I down leveled my Xcode install on the Mac Pro, same result - now things are weird.

I moved /Developer to /Developer.old - clean install. No Love!

What I observed on the failing machine was that the versioned data model was being created in the .xcdatamodeld directory, but was not being added to the Xcode project.pbxproj file. Very Frustrating.

I grabbed Activity Monitor to watch the open files for Xcode to see if I could determine what was going on.

I noticed that DefaultFolderX (DFX) had a scripting addition loaded into my Xcode process. I disabled DefaultFolderX and voila I was able to add my versioned data model file.

Were it that this is the end of the story. I sent a note off to Jon Gotow at St. Clair Software with my observations. Jon quickly replied and asked if I was by chance using a Logitech mouse. I am. He further suggested that I look to see if /Library/ScriptingAdditions/LCC Scroll Enhancer Loader.osax was being loaded.

I reenabled DFX and saw that indeed LCC Scroll enhancer was loaded, with errors. I did a quick sudo rm /Library/ScriptingAdditions/LCC Scroll Enhancer Loader.osax, restarted Xcode and everything is working well again.

Many thanks to Jon for his quick and professional response. Logitech - my bill has been remitted.

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