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jschilli account | profile | log out dashboard | gists 0 SourceCommitsNetwork (10)Issues (1)Downloads (0)Wiki (1)Graphs master all branches all tags capttaco / Briefs 10 179 Description: Framework for iPhone wireframes Homepage: Clone URL: git:// Briefcasts added during session now persist locally and return when the app is re-opened.

capttaco (author) 3 days ago commit  0d37831c0a3792efb5f6a52a508ba095dd7cb4e6 tree    fcb8067c6e4cfd3c82893a91c093c0e2a60e5fc6 parent 17753b91e6478d8bebb33f4baf5812c51ef2bfe1 Briefs / name age history message .gitignore July 13, 2009 initial commit to Repo [capttaco] BFBriefcastViewController.h September 14, 2009 Stubbed briefcast support, used for initial tes... [capttaco] BFBriefcastViewController.m 3 days ago More zombie slaying. Holding a bloody chainsaw. [capttaco] BFBriefcastViewController.xib September 14, 2009 Stubbed briefcast support, used f

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