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Will design for food?

I'd rather offer money and the potential to see your designs live in the field.

Daniel Jalkut sums up most of what I'm going to say in [this post](http://www

The (short) History

manicwave Productions is my micro-isv focusing on Mac OS X and iPhone applications. My first product Pastie is out on the iTunes App Store and has been picked up by both CNET and [LifeHacker]( pre+formatted-text).

Pastie has been a lot of fun, from concept through design onto development, marketing and distribution. I'll continue to tweak Pastie, but now that I'm warmed up, I'm moving onto the desktop.

I have a series of related products lined up. I'm cutting code for the first in the series now.

The Mission

In order to meet my expectations for a great Mac app, I need help. Specifically, I need the efforts of a talented designer to help design the layout, comment on and contribute to the interaction model and provide guidance on all things graphical.

My success in software to date has been centered around pragmatism and self- awareness. In this case, I'm aware of my limitations in the graphical design space. To build the product that I'll be proud of shipping, I need help.

The Charter

I'm looking for someone to assist manicwave on a part-time contract basis with all matters "graphical". This will include:

  • Review, refine and specify graphical design of cocoa based applications
  • Assist in defining and refining the interaction model for manicwave applications
  • Contribute to overall branding and identity of the manicwave brand

The Prerequisites

  • Demonstrated technical skills with graphical toolsets
  • Demonstrated technical skills with UI design - particularly OS X desktop applications
  • Passion for great Mac applications

The Perquisites

Cash. Satisfaction for a job well done. The potential for a long-term working relationship with someone that loves creating great software.

The process

Send an email to jobs at and include the following:

  • A short bio
  • Links to your portfolio
  • A brief narrative on some work that you're particularly pleased with - and why
  • Availability, compensation
  • A few thoughts about what constitutes a good working relationship between a designer and developer
    I'm looking forward to this next chapter in the evolution of manicwave. Please join me.
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