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Pastie is out

My first iPhone application, Pastie, is live in the AppStore.


I've written several iPhone apps over the last year, but all failed to meet my criteria for a releaseable app. Some fell prey to my low [boredom threshold]( of-the-wave/), while others couldn't find any elbow room in the already crowded app store.

Pastie is pretty simple, but compelling. How many times a day does someone call you while you're in a meeting? Do you call or text your significant other when you're leaving the office for home? "I'll be home in an hour..."

My killer use case was the question: "What is the dial in number for the conference call?" I must have typed that message (or some badly abbreviated facsimile thereof) several times a week. Doing that in the car can be fatal!

Pastie originally was just going to be a clipboard for often used expressions. Like quick text entry on every phone except the iPhone. The technical limitations of the iPhone prevent anyone (save the jailbreakers) from offering in-app shortcuts. The next best thing it seemed was to have a clipboard that you could select from, and then paste it into either an email or an SMS.

One thing led to another and Pastie now supports email natively and uses the clipboard for SMS. The original use case is still supported.

I submitted the app for approval almost two weeks ago. The benefit of the extended approval cycle is that I'm busy at work on the next major version of Pastie. It will include multiple email recipients, text for both the subject and body of the email and maybe even some cover-flowish goodness to allow you to flick those often used expressions.

Check it out and give me your feedback.

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