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Enter SQLCipher, a specialized build of the excellent SQLite database that performs transparent and on-the-fly encryption. Using SQLCipher, an application uses the standard SQLite API to manipulate tables using SQL. Behind the scenes the library silently manages the security aspects, making sure that data pages are encrypted and decrypted as they are written to and read from storage. SQLCipher uses the widely trusted and peer-reviewed OpenSSL library for all cryptographic functions.

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Subscribe: Intuit’s Partner Platform Goes Multilingual With Federated Apps 18 Comments by Leena Rao on June 2, 2009

Intuit, the company that makes personal and small business software, has launched a new capability called “Federated Applications” that allows SaaS developers to write their applications using any programming language and cloud platform and connect them to the Intuit Partner Platform. Intuit’s Partner Platform provides a foundation for developers to build and deploy apps that can be integrated with Intuit’s small business accounting software, QuickBooks. QuickBooks has close to 25 million users within 4 million businesses who can buy these apps on Intuit’s own version of its Salesforce .com-like App Store, Intuit Marketplace.

The “Federated Applications” functionality lets developers who have existing SaaS applications that are built with a

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