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Links for 2009-05-25

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I’m getting ready to send my iPhone Application to the first beta testers and so I started thinking about crash reports.

On the Mac you have two options to get the crash report of your application. The first one is to check on startup if there is a new crash report file in ~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter for your application and simply send it. (Example: HDCrashReporter , UKCrashReporter)

The other option is to use NSExceptionHandler, which let you report the problem as it happens. (Example: A simple debugging tool for Cocoa)

On the iPhone you can’t access the crash report file form your application because it’s running in a sandbox (rdar://problem/6296554). iTunes synchronizes the crash reports of all applications, so although a user could in theory send it to you, this seems rather complicated to me (Locations of Crash Logs).

So what about NSExceptionHandler? Well, there isn’t a NSException

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