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Links for 2009-04-28


Nothing is more worth studying than human discourse. We are the language-using species and if we don’t understand how we use it we’ll never understand anything. Recently, courtesy of the Net, we’ve been using it in smaller pieces which require smaller investments of time and attention. These are new things; are they good things? [Warning: long.]


I wrote this after reading Nicholas Carr’s Clutter, which was provoked in part by my Empty Walls and quotes at length from Steven Johnson’s How the E-Book Will Change the Way We Read and Write. Go read Carr and Johnson; they’re both good. Carr says:

“Whatever its charms, the online world is a world of clutter. It’s des (tags: [attention]( [internet]( [productivity]( * [giles_bowkett comments on Dear fellow Rubyists ( OR: how to repel women from your open source community)]( the use of douchequake makes it worth reading (tags: [humor]( [sad]( [ruby](