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Overview Data Formats Scaling Data Line Sparklines Bar Sparklines Customizing Sparklines Download Source Code About Contact License Sparklines.js is a simple javascript utility for building sparklines. It has support for displaying lines at percentage points (for example, the 0.25 percentage point is the equivalent of Q1, 0.5 is Q2 (the median), and 0.75 is Q3), and at fixed values in terms of your data set. (You might want lines at 80,120 in a chart of blood pressure values, for example, where the data points would be something like 100,50,60,70,100 and so on, to indicate the points outside of normal range.)

The sparklines will size themselves appropriately to any size canvas they are given. Be wary that charts can tell very different stories depending on how they are sized, and that you are responsible for giving a reasonable size for the chart to display itself on.

Charts can be displayed via line charts, or via bar charts, and allow for a high degree of customizati

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