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$(DEVELOPER_LIBRARY_DIR)/PrivateFrameworks/DevToolsBundleInjection.framework/D evToolsBundleInjection

(tags: cocoa unit- testing)

Yes, NSArray is faster than NSSet for simply holding and iterating. As little as 50% faster for constructing and as much as 500% faster for iterating. Lesson: if you only need to iterate contents, don't use an NSSet.

Of course, if you need to test for inclusion, work hard to avoid NSArray. Even if you need both iteration and inclusion testing, you should probably still choose an NSSet. If you need to keep your collection ordered and also test for inclusion, then you should consider keeping two collections (an NSArray and an NSSet), each containing the same objects.

NSDictionary is slower to construct than NSMapTable — since it needs to copy the key data. It makes up for this by being faster to lookup. Of course, the two have different capabilities so most of the time, this determination should be made on other factors.

(tags: cocoa performance collections)

is makeObjectsPerformSelector faster than fast enumeration?

(tags: objective-c performance)