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Links for 2008-11-26


If you require only a single instance of an object in your application, where should it go? How should you control and manage it? Here are some different approaches, their implementations, their strengths and their weaknesses.

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O'Reilly Digital Media's Inside iPhone. It's a place where all things related to the iPhone platform at O'Reilly can call home. Here you'll find technologists passionate about the iPhone platform offering blogs, articles, code and forum chat about the iPhone SDK, web apps and Dashcode, and cool iPhone related innovations

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COCOA IS MY GIRLFRIEND ABOUT COCOA CODE SNIPPETS TAGLINES ARE FOR WINDOWS PROGRAMMERS Landscape Tab Bar Application for the iPhone by Matt Long | November 13th, 2008 As you develop applications for the iPhone, you will likely use the project templates provided in Xcode. One such template, called “Tab Bar Application” helps you get a tab bar application set up quickly, but by default the application it generates only supports portrait mode for display. So how can you make the application also support landscape or even only support landscape? In this post we will address that question. Read more

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2 comments Core Animation Tutorial: Interrupting Animation Progress by Matt Long | November 05th, 2008 Starting and stopping animations in Core Animation is as simple as adding and removing your animation from the layer upon which is being run. In this post I am going to talk about how to interrupt animation progress and how to dete

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