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Links for 2008-01-05


Love it!

(tags: ruby testing automation)

We’ve all been enjoying autotest, part of the ZenTest gem. If you’ve tricked out your kit, then you have plugins configured, so at minimum you’re red, green and growling. Now, things get really fun.

I’m stoked to announce the sound plugin for au

(tags: ruby testing feedback audio) is the world's single most comprehensive, detailed, updated, accurate, and complete source of amusement ride accident reports and related news. The site includes a record of fatal amusement ride accidents in the United States since 1972,

(tags: engineering failure accidents truth)

At Streeteasy, nearly half of our tests are still written in Test::Unit, so it's hard to see what our actual test coverage is using

(tags: ruby testing rspec unit- testing)

(tags: movies documentary towatch)

In True Films, I cover only true films: documentaries, factuals, non-fiction, reality-based series, and some instructional how-to. You can get a sense of what I like from the site. I love documentaries that 1) surprise me, and 2) inform me.

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