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Links for 2007-09-16


(tags: java REST servlet)

(tags: java REST servlet)

(tags: java rest servlet sample)

I was interested to read Bill de hÓra’s question about whether servlets and JSP can be used to create a RESTful application without resorting to RPC-style URIs like: Absolutely yes! A beauty fo

(tags: java servlet rest)

(tags: java rest servlet)

thanks to architectural changes that Ruby and Rails happily accommodated, Twitter is 10000% faster than it was in January

(tags: twitter rails performance ruby scalability)

You are here: dive into mark ? Archives ? April 2007 ? Translation From PR- Speak to English of Selected Portions of Rails Developer David Heinemeier Hansson’s Response to Alex Payne’s Interview

Monday, April 16, 2007 Translation From PR-Speak t

(tags: rails ruby scalability humor)

What is sharding and how has it come to be the answer to large website scaling problems?

(tags: scalability database performance design)

Subcon allows you to store your essential system configuration files in a subversion repository and easily deploy different configurations to machines in a cluster. It also features optional integration with SystemImager, enabling the deployment of system

(tags: tools sysadmin scm)

Believe me, there are many more ways to go bankrupt than to make money.

(tags: truth interview flying economics strategy)

Federation at Flickr: A tour of the Flickr Architecture

(tags: architecture scalability database performance)