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Links for 2006-07-06


Evolution of a pixel drawing

(tags: art design computer)

(tags: project-management agile productivity metrics)

Some nice screenshots from Atlassian around their internal use of JIRA & Confluence

(tags: agile metrics jira wiki project-management)

Index your cache. Query it.

(tags: j2ee caching grid)

(tags: metal metalworking foundry diy)

Instructions for making a felted purse

(tags: diy knitting felt)

(tags: diy ipod hack)

Links to some public domain (army/navy) guides to metalworking.

(tags: diy metalworking guide)

Has commercial opensource changed anything except pricing expectations?

(tags: opensource computing marketing)

(tags: jira osx quicksilver plugin)

Gotta love art

(tags: art video diy performance)