Surf the wave

Boredom Threshold - the Bottom of the Wave


Where is eyeTuner?

What happened to NewsHeap?

The answer in all cases is that my boredom threshold has been exceeded.

Self awareness can be a hugely empowering attribute - if you know it - if you act on it.

A good friend of mine and I were discussing the phenomenon of exploring good ideas. I typically start with an idea, explore similar or complementary ideas and sometimes execute on a prototypical exploration of the idea. The rub is that as the idea crests the wave of discovery, the appeal of the remaining effort quickly vanishes and I'm off onto the next new thing to explore. He is often satisfied by solving the problem within the confines of his mind. I need to explore this approach - less roadkill.

It turns out that even the Chinese Zodiac sign for my birthdate includes this as a key characteristic. What is one to do in the face of the zodiac?

Perhaps changing my default method of expression to Lisp will, as Ian Eslick has found, allow me to converge on a solution before I reach the boredom threshold.

It sounds like a plan.

Meanwhile, eyeTuner source is out there for the downloading.

I don't have any plans to release a binary. If anyone is interested in moving it forward, let me know.