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Great Service


Given the hypersensitivity of our consumer culture to service, it takes a lot to exceed my expectations.

The following is an example of being blown away by great customer service.

While on vacation last week, I became "interested" in the Casio GW-1100J watch, a G-Shock with radio time setting, analog and digital readouts and a bunch of standard features.

When I went looking for the watch, sold in Japan only, I came across Higuchi-Inc. A few emails abouts Ts&Cs;, a couple of googles to check out his rep and the flick of a paypal and my order was placed. Saturday evening at 8:00pm east coast time.

I immediately received confirmation that the watch would ship soon. Monday I got a tracking number and at noon today, the package was waiting for me at my office. Essentially, this standard order came all the way from Japan in under sixty hours.

From what I can tell of Higuchi, this is standard operating procedure.