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BlogTalker Redux


Since my last post about BlogTalker my laptop harddrive died taking the only extant working code with it. So much for backups.

The lazy web hasn't been so lazy lately. I pinged Randy Rants about adding IBlogExtension support to SharpMT. Several hours later he's ready to post a beta.

That got me thinking that I should put BlogTalker back together.

Here's the first cut. Source Included.

Generous borrowing from the plugins in RssBandit.

Currently it speaks the blog entry as well as writing it to a wave file. GUI config to come to control this as well as output options, externalization or editing of the SSML, etc.

What I'd really like to do is extend the IBlogExtension metaphor such that it could iterate over a selection of feeds (or the Unread View in RSSBandit). If anyone has any pointers on pulling this off in RSSBandit, I would appreciate a pointer. That would be bossy.

As it stands, BlogTalker is a novelty, done because it could be. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Update To install, go to base directory of your supported reader (RSSBandit, SharpReaderNewsGator). Look for a plugins directory. Create it if it doesn't exist.

Copy BlogTalker.dll and Interop.SpeechLib.dll from the bin/Debug directory into your plugins directory.

Restart your reader. Right click on an rss item and select the plugin (in RSSBandit it shows inline, in SharpReader select plugins->BlogTalker)

Tested only on Windows XP with SharpReader and RSSBandit.