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Water Is All Wet


Water a self-described language for the web that

Water is a language for the web that embodies the three primary functionalities needed for general purpose information manipulation into one unified language:

  • Code: Water is a general purpose object oriented programming language that is, at its core, more flexible than Javascript, Visual Basic and Java.

  • Data: Water permits the description of persistent structured data on the web via an XML syntax yet having the capability of computing values that may contain self-referencial interconnections.

  • Markup: Since Water is a superset of HTML, it inherits all of HTML's capabilities.

Syntactically it appears as as mixture of XML and plain text. The expression to add 5 and 7 divided by 3 is 5..`


Water does appear to have some interesting constructs and its prototyped based class system a la Self is an underutilized programming model.

The promise of Water to mix data, presentation and logic, however convenient comingles distinct responsibilities which will inevitably lead to soup.

Haven't tried it, probably won't . Water looks wet from the start.