Surf the wave



The first alpha is coming along. I have been working on refactoring the MVC code to ease some of the pain of adding higher order functions.

The final thing I need to work on before release is the notion of virtual categories. I have noticed that in the process of organizing feeds into categories that it is very confining to assign a feed to only one category. Should a feed be in my Daily Reads folder or Tech or maybe even .NET. The correct answer is that it should be able to be in all three.

In a recent discussion with Coty, we discussed the strategy that is employed in iTunes where you can have playlists or folders that reference feeds. This makes sense.

I am adding this concept now and ultimately it will include auto-cataloging as well. You can establish a folder as dynamic and it will pick through feed level categorizations to assemble a grouping of related feeds.

Later when I add the Intertwingularity Coefficient Calculator, feeds could be related by their connectedness. Or even FOAF folders.