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NewsHeap Redux


Don't have much time, but for those following the NewsHeap adventure, it is off the floor and heading for 0.1.

Redeveloped in Python, I am using wxPython which has been suprisingly pleasant.

I am not well versed in python, but skills translate pretty effectively. The refactoring will get interesting as I grok more of the power of python.

Python gotcha doing something like if (anObj.isFolder): as opposed to if (anObj.isFolder**()**):, it is executable, but returns true if the method isFolder is accessible from the class of anObj Given that my hobby coding happens really early or really late, I've been bitten by this type of thing several times

Given the availability of Mark Pilgrim's excellent RSS parser, I have been focusing on the gui and infrastructure to manage large feed lists. Although I now use Syndirella daily, the inability to group feeds is frustrating. I know that Dmitry Jemerov is working on this as a priority.

As of tonight, NewsHeap does:

  • Import of OPML
  • Grouping of feeds
  • Caching of eeds
  • Threaded polling
  • Direct manipulation of feeds
  • Brower invocation on feeds and items
  • Display of content:encoded or description
  • etc

Hopefully this weekend, I will have the code cleaned up at which time I'll post the source and an installer.

Soon I'll resume posting about some higher order functions and the direction this is going in.

For the impatient, here's a snapshot NewsHeap