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RSS Lightly Whipped


Jenny over at The Shifted Librarian: Tuesday, January 21, 2003 steals the title for tomorrows manicwave blog entry and in the process looks at some press on RSS.

While Dare Obasanjo continues work on RSSBandit.

Several folks point to Tim Bray's pondering on the direction of RSS.

It's worth pausing for a second and noting that Bray's objection to desktop aggregators is the inability to aggregate from any browser anywhere. I would submit that modulo some activity in the Mozilla and now Safari camps that browser advances have stalled. Actually even with the aforementioned activity. For all the time I've spent with amphetadesk, the experience remains frustrating. I suppose that someone with skills could put a 3-pane frame-based skin on ampethadesk and be happy, but the usability of browsers in general remains wretched.

Brent points out the emergence of [ComputerWorlds RSS Feeds](

) which Jenny points out is the key to getting more information without the fluff.

Dmitry Jemerov releases a new daily build of Syndirella which has quickly become my daily driver on Win32. Next desired feature is categories. Nice work.

Unrelated but fascinating - Larry O'Brien from Thinking in .NET links to the demise and excess of a sham .com