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No Sleep Til Brooklyn


Even when the manicwave is in full tilt, I can't proclaim things like 30 days to a more accessible web site. Units involving time aren't flexibile enough for the undulation. Several recent wave entries have alluded to the insufferable state of windows RSS aggregators. My routine use of AmphetaDesk,my admiration for HEP and my longing for NetNewsWire on my daily driver not withstanding, the RSS aggregator situation on windows is appalling.

Rather than snipe and carp, I'm going to crank up the manicwave and do something about it.

The balance between my aversion to time units and my desire to develop in the round results in this catchy tag line No Sleep 'til NewsHeap. Not literally of course, but when the wave rolls, good things happen.

The approach: each entry will present a goal, a proposed solution and some code to bring it together. I'll present a running list of things to do and check them off as I go.

I'll start off with a random list of requirements and desires:

  • Ruby - this stuff is orthogonal to my day job. Ruby is about the most fun you can have these days. This will present some challenges relative to Python for instance. It's a journey for which several destinations exist

  • Groks RSS - we're all tired of getting This channel has no items to display. We'll use my Ruby port of Pilgrim's liberal RSS parser

  • Does OPML - Every time I want to try an aggregator, I'm forced to reenter my feeds. Tiring and now quite irritating.

  • Aggregates OPML - Have a local list of feeds, blend it with a blogroll or two. Shake, Serve over ice

  • blogging capabilities

and the list goes on. Feedback welcome.

Next I'll layout some of the prerequisites and some initial scaffolding. We'll start with a quick look at Ruby and make some tough versioning calls.

Stay tuned for NewsHeap, the next installment.