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A TiVO for $27,000?


It's been a few days. I'm working off some vacation before the end of the year. In addition to playing with the kids and cooking a kick-ass smoked turkey, I spent some time working on my home multimedia pc.

Penny-wise, pound-foolish
My goal has been to integrate video/DVD playback, PVR (timeshifting and scheduled recording>, and digital music playback together in a single device.

The announcement of the Moxi and Microsoft's Media XP are addressing the functionality gap that exists in current products like TiVO or ReplayTV.

It is clear to me that there can be no financial justification for building your own PVR. It's pure geek for me. Why else spend countless hours navigating device drivers and library dependencies?

I'll create a new category for multimedia and post some of the links I've collected around this space.

My current set up is using MythTV to get out of the chute. Very nice integration with XMLTV. It still blows me away that this exists! The net rocks.

I've been working on a set of Ruby utilities to manage my MP3 collection which is somewhat over 100GB and getting tough to manage.

I'll finish with a link to an interesting site that blends academia with pure multitmedia geek...

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